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Why Online VIP Players Get Better Bonuses

The benefit of online gaming at leading casino sites like Mr Green, is nowhere more evident than in the perks available to VIPs or highrollers. Traditional casinos offer all kinds of perks in form of a casino bonus to their high-roller players, ranging from free limo services to free hotel suits to free flights to get you to the casino. If you take a look at the benefits offered to traditional casinos’ VIPs, it doesn’t take a graduate degree to realize that these perks are very costly to the casinos. The casinos still benefit, there’s no doubt about that, from having the high rollers bring their money to the tables, but it comes at an upfront cost to the casino. By contrast, the overhead and costs associated with online gaming are practically nonexistent, so the resources of online casinos are freed up to offer more meaningful incentives to their VIP players.

Keep in mind that the casino wants to entice you, and your high-roller play, to their online tables, and in the online environment they don’t have to provide costly transportation or fancy lodging to get you there. Instead, they can offer you a better bonus in the form of cash bonuses, monetary incentives to play high-stakes games, high rates of conversions for your comp points (which you already earn by playing at that casino), an even gifts that last longer than a hotel suite, such as iPads, smart phones, mobile devices, and other electronic gadgets. Instead of a limo ride that only lasts from the airport to the casino, you can benefit permanently from the reward-gift of a new phone or mobile device. These types of gifts don’t cost the casino any more than the limo would, and they have a great deal more lasting satisfaction for you. Keeping in mind the fact that casinos want to make it more enjoyable and advantageous for you to play (so you keep playing), mobile devices—on which you can download apps to play your favorite online games—are a terrific incentive which benefit everyone involved.

As you establish a personal relationship with the VIP manager usually assigned to individual high rollers, you can even “bargain” for the benefits you’d like to see. Remember that you hold the (figurative) trump card when it comes to relations with your casino—they want you to continue bringing your money to the table. Particularly in cases where you’d like to enjoy a benefit that’s not offered as a standard, such as playing at a particular high-stakes game, or playing an existing game with higher limits, there’s no actual cost to the casino if they allow you to do so. You have the best bargaining chip when you make this point as an accompaniment to your request for a specific perk. If your request comes at zero or minimal actual cost to the casino, it’s in their best interests to agree. Happily for their VIPs, online casinos are much more likely to hand out cash benefits in the form of rewards, which you can either reinvest in your gaming or consider a profit.